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Below is a brief summary of what guides departmental decision-making about office assignments:

  • All assignments are made based on availability and other needs for office space
  • We will strive to ensure tenure-track faculty do not share office space, depending on availability
  • We will strive to ensure Teaching Professors do not share office space, depending on availability
  • Teaching Associate and Teaching Assistant Professors will share offices, with no more than 2 occupants, if possible
    • Special circumstances may arise in which a Teaching Associate or Teaching Assistant Professor does not have an officemate, such as in the retirement of the officemate.  In such an event, the vacancy may not be permanent and said faculty member may need to share an office at a future date.
  • Postdoctoral fellows and other special instructors will be assigned offices based on availability at the time of their appointment
  • All office assignments and changes are decided by the department manager, in consultation with the chair