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Personnel and Support

Program manager: Michelle Leroux Gravatt –

Curricular and activity support & development; classroom training: Matt Osment –

Classroom Technical Problems: David Joyner –

Classroom Technical Support (ITS, “Red phone” classrooms)


Running the Course

Using Zoom

Creating a recurring meeting 

Basic features

Setting up physical and online classrooms

Office hours (waiting room feature)



ITS Teaching and Learning Support Blog

Set-up and roster/enrollment 

Lessons tool 



Showing videos in class 

  • Zoom video restrictions
    • DVDs: Zoom does not allow DVD video or audio to be streamed over a session
    • Netflix, YouTube : Videos maybe shared from systems such as Netflix to participants; however, quality may be degraded
    • Warpwire: Videos housed in warpwire may by streamed to participants in a zoom session; however, quality may be degraded. NOTE: students may watch Warpwire videos through their Sakai course, AND instructors have viewing statistics
  • Contact institutional libraries for course reserves


Student feedback survey (early / midterm) 

Midterm student feedback surveys are a useful tool to empower students and receive valuable information within a workable timeframe. Please contact Matt Osment,, for more information.



Exams should proceed as normal for the Language Exchange Program. Should special situations arise, please contact the program manager.