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  • Ellen Welch (Chair)
  • Logan Brackett (Department Manager)
  • Amy Chambless (Director of Undergraduate Studies, Director of Italian Language)
  • Carmen Hsu (Director of Graduate Studies)
  • Anastacia Kohl (Director of Spanish Language)
  • Valérie Pruvost (Director of French Language)
  • Richard Vernon (Director of Portuguese Language)
  • Amy Chambless, DUS and Italian Advisor (chair)
  • Elizabeth Bruno, Minor in Spanish for the Professions Advisor
  • Tamara Cabrera, Minor in Spanish Translation and Interpreting Advisor
  • Hélène de Fays, Spanish Undergraduate Program Coordinator
  • Dorothea Heitsch, French Advisor
  • Gosia Lee, Hispanic Literatures and Cultures Advisor
  • Martha Ruíz-García, Hispanic Linguistics Advisor
  • Carmen Hsu (Director of Graduate Studies & Graduate Admissions) (chair)
  • Bruno Estigarribia (Graduate Advisor for Spanish, Fall)/Rosa Perelmuter (Graduate Advisor for Spanish, Spring)
  • Serenella Iovino (Graduate Advisor for Italian, Fall)/Maggie Fritz-Morkin (Graduate Advisor for Italian, Spring)
  • Hassan Melehy (Graduate Advisor for French)

Faculty Review Committee (Tenure-Stream): Advise chair on appointments to ad-hoc committees for tenure and promotion reviews and post-tenure reviews. Recommend changes to PPP, especially those sections related to tenure-stream faculty.

  • Lucia Binotti
  • Bruno Estigarribia
  • Emil Keme
  • Serenella Iovino
  • Hassan Melehy (elected chair)
  • Alicia Rivero

Ad hoc review committee members include: Lucia Binotti, Irene Gomez Castellano, Juan Carlos Gonzalez Espitia, Serenella Iovino, Hassan Melehy, Rosa Perelmuter

Personnel Committee (Teaching-Stream) : Conduct a fair, comprehensive evaluation of each teaching-stream faculty member up for reappointment or promotion and prepare a written report and recommendation for the faculty. Recommend any changes to the PPP, especially to the sections relating to teaching-stream faculty.

  • Irene Gómez-Castellano
  • Lamar Graham (chair)
  • Jo Lindquist
  • Hosun Kim
  • Anastacia Kohl
  • Abel Muñoz-Hermoso

Salary Committee: Oversee the merit salary increase process (should there be one) by reviewing faculty’s self-reported merit instrument forms, determining merit “tiers,” and recommending equity adjustments. Organize departmental efforts to advocate for salary increases.

  • Maggie Fritz-Morkin (chair)
  • Tamara Cabrera Castro
  • Cristina Carrasco
  • Amy Chambless
  • Bruno Estigarribia
  • Dorothea Heitsch
  • Christina Rudosky
  • Martha Ruíz-García
  • Alicia Shade
  • Jessica Tanner

Assessment Committee: Prepare the annual required program assessment report for the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (OIRA).

  • Amy Chambless
  • Paolo Ferreira
  • Dorothea Heitsch (Chair)
  • Carmen Hsu (grad program liaison)
  • Anastacia Kohl
  • Alicia Shade

Department Recognition: Collect faculty and grad student achievements (awards, publications, projects); contribute to department newsletter and website; organize nominations for distinguished professorships, campus teaching awards, and other relevant campus awards

  • Elizabeth Bruno
  • Maggie Fritz-Morkin (Spring)
  • Luis Marcelino Gómez
  • Juan Carlos González-Espitia
  • Serenella Iovino (Fall)
  • Sangsuk Kim
  • Hassan Melehy (Chair)
  • Angelica Nelson
  • Christina Rudosky (Communications Director)
  • Alex Goldych
  • Mireya Jamal

Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity: Lead department discussions on creating/maintaining an inclusive and equitable atmosphere for all faculty and grad students; propose changes to ensure equal access to departmental opportunities (funding, summer teaching, leadership positions); advise on website content and resources; lead efforts to recruit Carolina Diversity Post-Docs; work with UNC Director of Faculty Diversity Initiatives (Sabrina Burmeister) to consider departmental implementation of university initiatives as they arise; highlight ROMS courses related to issues of diversity and equity and encourage curriculum development on these issues

  • Lucia Binotti (Fall)
  • Bruno Estigarribia (Fall)
  • Hosun Kim
  • Heather Knorr
  • Alicia Rivero
  • Martha Ruíz-García
  • Erika Serrato
  • Jessica Tanner
  • Kristine Taylor (chair)
  • Paco Chen-López
  • Rafael Núñez Rodríguez

Faculty Development: Distribute conference travel funds; raise awareness about on-campus opportunities for funding (such as ORD) and development (such as CFE workshops); organize an annual fellowship application workshop for department faculty

  • Raul Brown
  • Frederico Castelloes
  • Juan Carlos González-Espitia (chair)
  • Michelle Gravatt
  • Serenella Iovino (Fall)
  • Christina Rudosky
  • Erika Serrato

Graduate Placement and Professional Development: Prepare graduate students for the academic job market including organizing mock interviews in person and by video conference; offer workshops on professional-development topics such as publishing, syllabus creation, fellowship application writing, etc.; provide opportunities for graduate students to learn about Alt-Ac careers; communicate with DGS and Grad Advisory Committee to meet students’ professional development needs

  • Irene Gómez-Castellano
  • Paulo Ferreira
  • Lamar Graham
  • Emil Keme (chair)
  • Jennifer Mackenzie
  • Jordan Bessette
  • Gina Mangravite

Mentoring Advisory Committee (Teaching-Stream): Serve as mentors to Teaching Assistant and Teaching Associate Professors. Advise on mentoring policies and practices for teaching-stream faculty.

  • Cristina Carrasco
  • Amy Chambless
  • Hélène de Fays
  • Dorothea Heitsch
  • Anastacia Kohl
  • Jo Lindquist (Mentoring Director, Chair)
  • Valérie Pruvost
  • Richard Vernon

Mentoring Committee (Tenure-Stream): Meet as a group with Assistant Professors and post-docs once a semester to discuss professional development and provide resources and support in the journey toward tenure. Be available to meet individually with junior colleagues as requested. Advise on mentoring policies and practices for tenure-stream faculty

  • Lucia Binotti (Fall)
  • Bruno Estigarribia (Fall)
  • Hassan Melehy
  • Rosa Perelmuter
  • Alicia Rivero

Sponsored Events: Distribute funds for guest speakers and conferences and virtual events; help to maintain a departmental calendar of events; create and maintain a listserv of community members interested in ROMS events; lead a discussion at last faculty meeting of the year to plan and prioritize events for the following year

  • Frederico Castelloes
  • Nina Furry
  • Carmen Hsu
  • Serenella Iovino (Fall)
  • Emil Keme (chair)
  • Martín Sueldo
  • Sandra García

Study Abroad Advisory Committee: Assist Study Abroad Academic Directors and Undergraduate Advisors to assess current study abroad programs and review proposals for new programs; ensure that programs serve ROMS majors and minors; help inform faculty about ROMS study abroad opportunities and promote our programs to students

  • Lorna Avilés
  • Martha Alexander
  • Frederico Castelloes
  • Pello Huesa
  • Kyung Huer
  • Gosia Lee
  • Jo Lindquist (co-chair)
  • Abel Muñoz-Hermoso (co-chair)
  • Cécile Ruel

In consultation with UGAC (see above) and Study Abroad Academic Directors

Technology and Innovation: Advise faculty on using technology in teaching and research; advise on the role of online courses in the curriculum; advise on language exchange courses and teaching with AR/VR/XR technology; consider holding occasional workshops on digital humanities research tools and/or teaching with technology

  • Lucia Binotti (co-chair, Fall)
  • Hélène de Fays
  • Hosun Kim
  • Jo Lindquist
  • Beatriz Lomas
  • Victoria Martin
  • Valérie Pruvost (co-chair, Spring)
  • Alicia Shade
  • Martín Sueldo (co-chair)
  • Cristóbal Clemente

Undergraduate Research: Promote opportunities for undergraduate research; consider working to increase the number of undergraduate theses in ROMS; assist ROMS majors/minors to fulfill new curriculum research experience requirements; organize presentations/showcases for ROMS undergraduate research

  • Amy Chambless (chair)
  • Lucia Binotti
  • Cristina Carrasco
  • Lamar Graham
  • Abel Muñoz-Hermoso
  • Martha Ruíz-García
  • Richard Vernon
  • Emanuele Stefanori

Virtual Events: Plan or coordinate several online events for our department including academic events just for faculty and grad students, public-facing intellectual events that could include undergrads, alumni, and community members, and a social event or two for department members

  • Martha Alexander
  • Martín Sueldo
  • Jessica Tanner

Accessibility Resources Interest Group: Advise and support faculty and graduate teaching fellows on working with students who have ARS accommodations; work with course coordinators to incorporate best practices for teaching students with learning differences; consider piloting language courses specifically adapted for students with learning differences; support graduate students with learning differences.

  • Anastacia Kohl (chair/ARS Liaison)
  • Beatriz Lomas
  • Elizabeth Tolman
  • Kyung Huer
  • Valérie Pruvost
  • Meaghan Coogan
  • Jossette Bailey

Community Outreach Liaison: Victoria Martin

Service Learning/APPLES Liaison: Heather Knorr

Publications Advisory Committee

  • Juan Carlos González-Espitia, ed. NCSRLL (Chair)
  • Alicia Rivero, ed. Hispanófila
  • Irene Gómez-Castellano, ed. Romance Notes
  • Heather Minchew, Managing Editor
  • R. Dircks, UNC Press

Spanish Course Coordinators:

  • SPAN 100, 101W-102W: Alicia Shade
  • SPAN 105: Jo Lindquist
  • SPAN 203: Heather Knorr, Cristina Carrasco, Hosun Kim
  • SPAN 204: Pello Huesa and Gosia Lee
  • SPAN 255: Abel Muñoz-Hermoso
  • SPAN 261 and 267: Hélène de Fays and Pello Huesa
  • SPAN 301: Raul Brown
  • Spanish minor for the professions courses, Liz Bruno: 320, 321, 323, 324, 325, 328, 329
  • Minor in translating and interpreting courses, Tamara Cabrera: 351, 352, 369, 370
  • School of Public Health Spanish courses: Elizabeth Tolman

French Course Coordinators: [check with Valérie]

  • FREN 101/102: Nina Furry
  • FREN 105: Jordan Bessette
  • FREN 203: Valérie Pruvost
  • FREN 204: Wendy Combs
  • FREN 255: Valérie Pruvost

Italian Course Coordinators: [check with Amy]

  • ITAL 101, 203 & 204: Amy Chambless
  • ITAL 102: Megan Fenrich

Portuguese Course Coordinators:

  • PORT 101-204: Kristine Taylor

Course coordinators play an important role in our department, ensuring curricular consistency across sections of a course and spearheading curricular innovation. Service as course coordinator will be recognized during merit salary assessment processes and in reappointment and promotion reviews. Coordinators of particularly large courses may be eligible for extra compensation. To ensure equity and transparency and to make sure the department stays within its administrative budget, the Executive Committee approved the following schedule for coordinator compensation:

  • Courses with over 80 sections/year on average: 1 course release if available or stipend equivalent to a 1-course overload
  • Courses or clusters of courses with 20-80 sections/year on average: $1,000 professional development fund
  • Courses or clusters of courses with less than 20 sections/year on average: No extra compensation, but service counts toward merit salary increases and promotions

This schedule will apply to new appointments and appointment renewals starting in 2020.

  • Amy Chambless, Gamma Kappa Alpha
  • Cristina Carrasco, Lorna Avilés, Sigma Delta Pi
  • Dorothea Heitsch, Pi Delta Phi
  • Martha Alexander, Kappa Kappa Gamma
  • Sandra Garcia Gutierrez, President
  • Gina Mangravite, Vice President
  • Angela Pierce, Secretary
  • Cristobal Clemente Rodriguez, Treasure and Senate Representation
  • Ellynn Loftus, Senate Representative
  • Giuseppina Gemboni, Mentoring Chair
  • Katelyn Smith, Social Chair
  • Office Manager (finances, personnel): L. Brackett
  • Graduate Student Services Manager (graduate students, foreign exchanges): S. N. Carey
  • Undergraduate Student Services Specialist (grade changes, parking, instructional materials, book orders): S. Melton
  • Accounting Tech (travel, website updates, accounting): N. López-Chen
  • Publications: H. Minchew, Managing Editor
  • OASIS Liaison: D. Joyner
  • Appointments, Tenure, and Promotion Committee: Serenella Iovino
  • College Administrative Board (Course Sub-committee): Valérie Pruvost
  • Committee on Research: Carolina Sá Carvalho
  • Educational Policy: Carmen Hsu
  • Faculty Grievance: Jessica Tanner
  • Faculty Welfare: Jessica Tanner
  • Fixed-Term Faculty: Ellen Welch
  • Honor System Advisory Committee: Valérie Pruvost
  • Honor System Faculty Liaisons: Jo Lindquist & Valérie Pruvost
  • Information Technology Advisory Committee: Alicia Rivero
  • Languages Across the Curriculum Director (College appointment): Michelle Gravatt
  • Language Exchange Campus Manager (College appointment): Michelle Gravatt
  • Library Administrative Board: Jessica Tanner
  • Scholarships, Awards, and Student Aid: Emil Keme
  • Student Fees Advisory Subcommittee: Valérie Pruvost
  • Study Abroad Advisory Board (College): Abel Munoz-Hermoso
  • University Committee of Copyright for 2020-2021: Bruno Estigarribia

updated 09/16/2020