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Use of University Equipment or Property Off-Campus

(This includes equipment, furnishings, and similar property purchased with research and/or promotion funds.)

The equipment will be used solely and exclusively for official University business as described in Policy 603.4, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Procedure on Reporting University Equipment Movement On and Off-Campus.

Conditions for Use of University Equipment or Property Off-Campus:

  1. Generally, removal of University equipment, furnishings, and similar property from campus is not permitted unless all of the following conditions are met:
    1. relocation is temporary;
    2. relocation of the property will not hinder the University’s normal operations;
    3. the property will be used solely and exclusively for official University business;
    4. reasonable measures are taken to protect the property from loss or damage; and
    5. the User’s Dean/Director/Department Head (“DDD”) approves of the use.
  2. User agrees
    1. to return the equipment or property to campus by the Termination Date provided above and to notify Asset Management when the property is returned to campus; or
    2. if appropriate, to renew this authorization to extend the off-campus use beyond the Termination Date.
  3. Departments may procure all-risk insurance for the equipment through the University’s Risk Management Division. If the Department does not procure such insurance (or insurance is not provided through an arrangement with a third party), then the Department is responsible for all damage or loss that may occur off-campus.
  4. The University may demand the return of the equipment for the following reasons
    1. termination of the User’s employment with the University;
    2. loss of supporting funds for the research or activity necessitating the off-campus use;
    3. any other reason deemed necessary by the University.
  5. The user acknowledges that the University accepts no responsibility for any unauthorized off-campus use.

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