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Payments for work or service are subject to multiple State & Federal laws which are constantly changing. Before agreeing to pay anyone for work, even if you have paid them in the past, you must double-check with the department manager to ensure that payment is possible. The department cannot guarantee payments if you have not discussed the arrangement with the manager prior to agreeing to pay the person.

Before paying anyone for a service, you need to secure funding for payment of service or ensure you have faculty funds available to cover the expense.

Documentation need for:

 Domestic     Foreign


The Vendor must be approved by central accounting before the Vendor can begin his/her service; otherwise, the University cannot guarantee payment.  These forms must be uploaded at least 3 weeks prior to the start date to allow time for approval and to prevent any delays in payment. Please note that after being approved in the vendor system and processing the payment, UNC does take 30 days to send payments based on the payment terms set by the State of North Carolina.